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Reach consumers at the exact moment they search your business category on fifteen major search engines, including GOOGLE TM, YAHOO TM, MSN TM, AOL.COM TM and others! It is all about being visible and being seen on the Web, and that is precisely what we do.

  • Exclusive, LIVE Advertisement on 15 MAJOR Search Engines, including GOOGLETM / YAHOOTM / MSNTM / eBAYTM.
  • Virtual Billboard Advertisement is not just a listing; it is your interactive site, inside a scrollable frame.
  • Ownership of Keyword Phrase, with first right of renewal at the end of your contract.
  • Pricing guaranteed to be the same price for the first time you renew. No Pay Per Click fees, or service fees, or quarterly fees. Unlimited clicks. Complete protection against click fraud. No bidding, no jockeying for position, no monitoring necessary.
  • 100% traffic visibility when your phrase is searched by our network members.
  • 40 million plus software downloads already on the network, increasing daily.
  • Search statistics available 24x7; you may add additional tracking codes such as a unique tracking URL.
  • Account phrase(s) and/or URLs changeable on request. Call for details.
  • Free, useful, customizable search tools, allowing intuitive and saved searches.
  • This app gives the end user free video conferencing via our SKYPE link. Invite your customers into sales demos, or your worldwide partners or staff into conferences; (webcam and headset are needed to be seen and heard).