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Money Back Guarantees

At SPN Search, we guarantee the following:

1. You will have exclusive use of the phrases you order on our network.
2. You will have the first right of renewal, at the same price.
3. You will be provided your own login to access your tracking report.
4. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We guarantee you will get real, verifiable traffic - with placement matching what you see on our site, for your entire run on the Network, or we will provide a full refund. The only instances where this does not apply is a> Acts of God, b> Your site going down, c> Your site being changed so that the phrases you register are no longer relevant to your site, or d> Your site promoting illegal acts or hate speech. You can verify at any point your service is up and running by going to our site, WWW.SPSSEARCH.COM, and then accessing your tracking report with the username and password provided you at startup. LENGTH OF CONTRACT IS SIX OR TWELVE MONTHS UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. Apart from this, there are no refunds as it\'s your responsibility to follow up with any prospective clients who contact you.

We don\'t do a one size fits all traffic guarantee, because each client has their own market they are trying to reach - so that will vary from client to client. We dont do sales guarantees as some other companies do, because that is an instant conflict of interest on our part. No reputable company will use such sales tactics - and no company can predict the future for your company and guarantee you a set number of sales because each customer has their own unique market. Any company that does guarantee such things is engaging in what we feel are dishonest sales tactics. We pride ourselves on doing proper research and working with customers to find the relevant search terms which actually get results.