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Facts about Keywords

Q: How do Keywords work?
A: Keywords were once entered into the address bar so that a Keyword would take users directly to the information they seek, at no cost to Internet users. The problem with that is that Microsoft abandoned RealNames in the late 1990s. What we do is unique - specific ownership of Keywords entered into our search window above the top of the major search engines. Exclusive ownership, without the hassles of pay per click and having to audit your clicks every month to see what\'s real and what isnt. And, with over 48,000,000 downloads, you as a keyword owner are provided a unique opportunity found on no other Network.

Q: Where do Keywords work?
A: Globally! Our keyword technology also is compatible with the top search engines, such as MSN, GOOGLE, YAHOO and 17 other search engines.

Q: Are Keywords case sensitive?
A: Keywords are not case-sensitive; a user may type Keywords in upper or lower case. However, they are sensitive to special characters like spaces and ampersands. Keywords will be resolved directly when the user types in the exact style - spacing, ampersands and other special characters - that accompany or are part of the registered Keyword. This enables companies to preserve their product or brand exactly as they are used in other media.

Q: What services are included with my Keyword registration?
A: In addition to access to the Keyword Distribution Network, Key Windows has a password-protected, online Keyword Account Management tool. The Keyword Account Management tool allows your company to view customized dynamic real-time traffic reports.

Q: Will Keywords replace the current Domain Name System?
A: Keywords are not a replacement for the current domain name system, but rather a complement to deliver a user-friendly, direct access to your web page address.

Q: Why should I purchase Keywords?
A: Keywords offer simple, direct, exclusive visibility to your website. No more long, complicated URL\'s. Simply type a search term into any major search engine for what you are looking for and be seen first. It\'s all about visibility and that\'s what we do best here.

Q: How do Keywords work?
A: Simply. When you license a keyword directly related to your business - through our browser upgrade your business identity becomes that Keyword or phrase globally on the Web. It\'s that simple!

Q: How do we handle Trademarks?
A: Trademarked words or phrases will be directed to the site that owns the rights to that trademark, or to someone designated by the trademark holder. In the case where there are two rightful owners, the client who secured the Keyword first takes precedence.

Q: How will keywords increase my business?
A: Traffic. Keywords are specific one or multi-word identifying terms of your business that generates a direct interchange to your business.

Q: How many individuals have upgraded their browsers to accept keywords?
A: Our download base is at over 48,000,000 downloads.

Q: Can I get real-time reports on the use of my keywords?
A: Yes. Once you have licensed a keyword, you\'re able to log in to your account and view your traffic reports.