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How we do it

At SPN Search, we're pleased to be able to provide you with better exposure on the major search engines, WITHOUT pay per click, and WITHOUT the uncertainty that exists with the 'natural listings'.

Our parent company, NetGuard, recognizes one important truth: No matter how safely you surf the Web, no matter how often you keep your computer updated against malware or spyware, chances are at some point your computer will be compromised, and with computer hackers constantly looking for new targets, when you surf the Web, you always take a chance on this. So, NetGuard developed the NetGuard App which is a free download, and which helps protect against online threats, by means of an included Secure Password Manager, which basically stores your online passwords safely and securely, making your computer that much more secure against online threats.

This technology is currently on over 47 MILLION computers, most of which are North American based !!

For those who are part of NetGuard, when they go to ANY of the major search engines and they look for what you do, your site is seen in its' own scrollable window, not just a banner, or a link .. is GUARANTEED first placement for those who are part of the NetGuard platform !!

We provide you 24/7/365 online tracking of your advertising campaign with us, and NetGuard Support provides you 24/7/365 support in case you have questions after you're set up. We also guarantee you exclusivity of your search listings on the NetGuard platform, and since we do not do pay-per-click, there's never a worry about paying for fake clicks.

You can continue to use our competitors' services, and be listed like this ..

Or, you can be our client and be listed like THIS !!

Which would you choose???

We also offer several advantages over pay per click and natural listings:

* No pay per click, so no 'click fraud'
* No danger of being outbid, like you get with pay per click.
* Unlimited clicks
* Exclusivity for your search phrases
* Your site stays in first place in it's own window, reaching the nearly 40 million NetGuard platform, 24/7/365

Please feel free to give us a call, and ask us how we can help you get better exposure on the major search engines, at an affordable price !!